Which Industry Has The Most Remote Workers

In the past, working remotely was seen as a perk that was only available to a select few-namely, those in the tech industry. But nowadays, with more and more companies offering remote work options, it’s not just techies who are able to enjoy the benefits of working from home (or anywhere else they can get a decent internet connection). Nearly 4 million American workers say they telecommute at least some of the time, according to a 2016 report from Global Workplace Analytics. And that number is only expected to grow in the coming years. The rise of remote work has been a game-changer for many industries, but which one has the most remote workers?

Work From Home Companies Offering Remote Work
In a recent study, it was found that the industry with the most remote workers is the tech industry. This is not surprising, given the nature of the work that is done in this industry. With technology becoming more and more integral to our lives, it makes sense that those who work in tech would be more likely to work remotely.

The study found that of all the industries surveyed, the tech had the highest percentage of remote workers. This is likely due to the fact that many tech jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. For example, software engineer can easily do their job from home, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.

While the tech industry may have the most remote workers, it’s not the only industry where working remotely is becoming more common.

FlexJobs, a leading job search site for telecommuting, remote, and flexible jobs, analyzed data from over 50,000 job listings to identify the top 15 industries with the most remote jobs.

The top five industries with the most remote jobs are:

1. Information Technology: With so many businesses relying on technology, it’s no surprise that IT is one of the most common industries for remote work.

2. Healthcare: Many healthcare jobs can be done remotely, from administration to telehealth.

3. Education: With schools and universities moving online, there is a growing demand for educators who can work remotely.

4. Business: Many business jobs can be done remotely, from marketing to sales.

5. Customer Service: Many customer service jobs can be done remotely, from call centers to chat support.

These industries have seen a significant increase in the number of available remote jobs in recent years. For example, there has been a 115% growth in computer & IT jobs since 2015 and a 41% growth in education & training jobs since 2016.

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