Tserundede E

Experienced Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Developer
Experienced Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Developer
  • January 27, 2023

Highly analytical data analyst and business intelligence with over 3 years of experience in data analysis, modeling, and reporting. Skilled in utilizing statistical techniques and programming languages such as Python, and SQL to extract insights from large and complex data sets. Proficient in using data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI to present findings in a clear and compelling manner. Managed a 5-member cross-functional (product, engineering, sales, support) team and coordinated with four business partners toward the successful launch of a project-based learning platform.


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Bachelor of Technology @ Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
Jan 2008 — Feb 2013

Food Science And Engineering.


Marketing and Data Analyst @ WEquil Group
Jan 2022 — Current

1. Created content for marketing based on data analytics that increased our user interaction by 40%.
2. Consulted with the app development team on data collection points that helped to enhance the overall user experience and efficiency by 25%.
3. Introduced and designed emoji icons feedback based system to encourage user interaction based on our pillar of intelligence. This was accepted by 80% of our user base.

IT/ Data Analyst @ Amarey Integrated Services
Aug 2019 — Jan 2022

1. Authored and analyzed a survey using data analytic tools among our staff that revitalized the organizational structure and welfare by over 25%.
2. Procured and managed all installation of our IT equipment and ensured perfect networking of all devices.
3. Perfected handling of confidential information and customer databases. Received outstanding feedback ratings.

Project Supervisor @ Huawei Technologies
Jan 2014 — Aug 2018

1. Executed and completed 15 km fiber optic cable implementation across Lagos - EMTS metro.
2. Implemented 100 km fiber cable across Onitsha to Agbor that increased the network delivery coverage of Galaxy network Nigeria to about 500,000 people plus.
3. Audited and carried out maintenance on the 500 km network cable from Lagos to Benin. Which positively influenced the quality of the network infrastructure. EMTS Nigeria.
Reporting project deliverables using excel, PowerPoint, docs, and SAS tools for quick project updates to my superiors.

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