Mapping the Impact: See Who’s Winning in the ‘Work-From-Home’ Revolution

The “work-from-home” revolution is in full swing, and it’s changing the way we approach job hunti. With an ever increasing number of remote jobs available, those looking to find work are now able to access a larger variety of employment opportunities than ever before. But how exactly is this revolution impacting different industries?

Google Trend | Work From Home Trend

By mapping out the areas that have seen the most growth in remote jobs over the past year, we can get a better sense of which organizations are leading the charge and what kind of impact they’re having on job seekers. For example, many technology companies have increased their focus on remote positions as they look for ways to remain competitive in today’s market. This has opened up a host of new opportunities for tech professionals from all across the globe who may not have previously had access to such positions.

A recent survey of job hunters reveals that remote work opportunities can bring huge benefits to those who know how to find them. In fact, more than one third of job seekers reported they would be willing to take lower pay for a full time remote job compared with an office position. This suggests that savvy individuals with their ear tuned for remote job prospects may be able to capitalize on this period of transformation by finding lucrative positions outside of traditional workplaces. 

Those seeking remote jobs will find that opportunities are popping up all over the world—from North America and Europe to Asia and beyond. Job postings for positions like web developers, customer service representatives, software engineers, online tutors, marketers, virtual assistants and more have seen a surge in recent months. In fact, searches for “remote work” increased by 300 percent between January 2020 and April 2020 on popular job search platforms such as and Glassdoor. Also, a recent survey found that nearly half (47%) of job seekers are actively hunt for remote jobs as a result of Covid-19. For those looking for employment opportunities, an effective remote job hunt could be the key to finding success in these unprecedented times. It’s estimated that companies are now five times more likely to hire remotely than before the pandemic, making it easier than ever before to find a position working from home.

But which part of the world is benefiting more from the remote work trend? A recent survey by Remotive shows that Europe is leading the way with countries like France (13%), Romania (9%), and Germany (8%) topping the list of countries with most remote workers. The US comes in second place with 5% of all remote jobs located there. Despite its size, India only accounts for 1% of total remote jobs globally, though this number is expected to rise significantly in coming years due to increasing demand for outsourcing services.

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