UpStack Technologies,Inc.

UpStack Technologies,Inc.

UpStack is growing fast. We work with some of the most innovative and interesting companies.
  • United States of America
  • Company Size:10000+


UpStack is a friendly team of the world’s most talented freelance developers, working remotely for some of the coolest start-ups. It’s fun and challenging to join the top 1% of the world’s best developers. We have a strong focus on quality clients and developers and try to work on software that we love! Upstack is officially based in the US with headquarter in New York City and with offices in LA and Europe. We also have development hubs opening up all around the place with our first in Brasov, Romania. Our developers work from home and co-working spaces and sometimes even on the beach! 

Benefits when working with Upstack:

  • starter pack: UpStack swag (t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, etc.)
  • work set-up: laptop or device as needed based on project's requirements;
  • ability to choose the project and the team;
  • support for personal and professional growth;
  • bonus structure for special events in your live (marriage, having a baby)
  • flexible working hours;
  • remote first - you can work from anywhere you choose;


UpStack is growing fast. We work with some of the most innovative and interesting high-growth companies in the world. They trust us to find top talent to join their team. Want to learn more? 
Headquartered in New York City, UpStack is a community of fiercely talented freelance developers working remotely for cutting-edge startups. Our focus is working with top-quality clients seeking candidates like you to join teams working on ground-breaking projects. 
Cutting-edge Clients
How does working on the latest product rollout for a household name start-up? Or perhaps getting in on the ground floor of the next hottest app is more your speed? Say less. UpStack works with some of the biggest, most innovative companies on the planet. 
When you join the Community, you’ll have instant access to available positions with companies located all over the world. And because of our thorough assessment of your skills and experience, the typical back-and-forth of the interviewing process is a thing of the past. We’ll pair you with only the opportunities that make the most sense for you.  
Community  Perks
When you become part of the UpStack Community, a bounty of perks and rewards await. 
Stuck on a particularly wonky piece of code or have a major breakthrough and want to celebrate? Or maybe you’re just looking for a delicious babaganoush recipe. Even working remotely, you’re not alone. Our global network of engineers becomes your new industry colleagues, remote comrades, sounding board, and potentially friends. 
And that’s not all. 
UpStack provides ever-evolving career development resources, hackathons to keep your skills sharp, educational presentations from fellow freelancers, competitions with the good prizes, and team meetups around the world. 


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Home office budget
  • Learning and development stipend


Initial Interview with a Talent Manager
This initial meeting is focused on overall communication and personality fit for the UpStack network. We look at how you present yourself, how prompt you are for the start of the meeting, your internet connection and other remote working essentials. 

 We recommend taking this initial meeting as serious as an interview, due to the fact that when we check personality traits, we look at them in the same way our clients would. After the introductory meeting, if it has been successful, you will be invited to a coding interview.

The Coding Challenge

One of our senior developers will lead this meeting and it will focus on the specific skills of the job you are applying for. Expect to screen share and code in real time, along with other fun stuff and it will last for no more than 1-3 hours.

This involves a few tasks to resolve in real time (live coding and screen sharing ) with one of our senior engineers on your technology. You will be given the assignment, and then left to work on it, once you are completed the interviewer will analyse your work, and report back to the HR department.

Feedback and your UpStack Profile

You will receive a feedback from us no matter the answer.

If the answer is “Yes”,  you will be notified within a few days and the process of sending an offer and creating your profile will begin.

If your profile is not quite what we expect for the moment we will keep in touch for future collaborations.

Your UpStack profile

After you have accepted our offer and have signed the contract, it is now time to create your UpStack Developer Profile. 

Your profile (which is very similar to a LinkedIn profile) helps us to keep all your information in one place, match you with projects and present you to prospective clients. 

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